Kern River Brewing Company – Pumpkin Ale

KRBS pumpkin small 1
KRBS pumpkin small 1
KRBS pumpkin small 1

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ABV:: 6.00%
Malts:: Information unavailable.
Hops:: Information unavailable.
Appearance:: Since it's a pumpkin ale, best way to describe the appearance is jack-o-lantern orange. Very small layer of head (very white) that fizzles away quickly. Not a lot of carbonation going on in this class. Almost looks like a glass of wort.
Aroma:: Smells like gingerbread cookies.
Flavor:: Got a strong yeast taste up front which was followed by the traditional flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Very sweet.
Mouthfeel:: Extremely light bodied, very little carbonation and not a lot of lacing left on the glass. Despite the low carbonation, it still has a crisp bite to it.





Total Score
5.3/ 10

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What We Like

Has the types of flavors you want in a fall beer.

What We Don't Like

Mouthfeel is lighter than other pumpkin ales.

Posted October 31, 2012 by

Complete Review

As I write this review it’s Halloween 2012, so it feels appropriate that this is about a pumpkin ale. This was also my first beer from Kern River Brewing Company (KRBC, hence forth) and I always get excited when I try out a new brewery. It’s always even better when I try a new brewery and don’t get disappointed, and KRBC didn’t disappoint. This pumpkin ale has some nice fall spice flavors and is very sweet. The pumpkin is certainly present but it is more on the subtle side than on the “in your face” side. If you’ve ever wondered what pumpkin pie would taste like in liquid form, then you’re going to want to grab one of these bottles.

Well done KRBC, well done.

Pumpkin pie in a glass


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